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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Download Latest Uc Browser hacked handler mod for Airtel 2012 August Trick.jar [with 2g 3g Highspeed Downloading]

Recently we posted a UC Browser Hacked for Free Gprs with Airtel. That Trick is Still working fine.  Now We are posting Uc Browser Handler Remod For Free Gprs with Airtel [ 2012 August ]. This version of UC is an Alpha version (test version).

This Trick is Tested by me From Kerala and works well and also i got Download speed up to 15-40 KB/s from my airtel 2g sim. i hope this will also works with 3g also well.
There is a problem in Downloading , 
This can Download only some type of files such as mp3,3gp,jpg and such media files only ( but at Very high speed up to 40 KB/s from 2G ). When i tested , i cant download .zip, .exe , .jar such files ..

I will soon give you a version which support all type of files.
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Instructions (You Must Read) :

  • You Must have little Balance or You should use a Net Pack for Initialisation First.
  • After completing Initialisatin , you have to select menu > Handler
  • Then go Down , you will see a menu named 'Network Settings' Select That.
  • Then you will see a Drop down box as 'Change Me !!!' . Select it There will be two options first one Chane Me !!! and Second one - Trick
  • Then Select the - Trick
  • Then Press Save. Then You will return to uc browser.
  • You Are Done !!!

Remember to Select Access Point as AirtelInternet or Mobileoffice settings (

Download Links :

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Dhyan jyoti said...

@bro..! its not free in Assam!;-(can u please provide me a working free one?...awaiting ur rply.....

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