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Monday, April 30, 2012

How to bypass Nokia's DRM [ Copy .jar files to another phones ]

How to Send java Games and Apps. from Nokia phone to another Nokia phone wihout showing Error
[ Bypassing Nokia's DRM ]

If you download a Game or Application on a Nokia phone and try to send the software to any other phone, you may see that the game or software will not run on the other phone. This is Due to Nokia's DRM ( Digital Management Rights ). They are doing so to avoid unauthorized copying of Softwares.

Today we are giving you a simple trick to Bypass Nokia's DRM.

 Bypass Nokia's DRM from your Pc :
Simply Download the desired game or application from a Pc and send it to your phone via USB,bluetooth or Infr-red.
Bypass Nokia's DRM from your Phone :
First of all You need to Install  UC Browser to your phone.
  • Just Click on the Download link of the file
  • Then you will get a new page asking How to Download
  • From that Press Save ( Dont press Install )
  • Then it will ask where to save file
  • Just Select some location and press Download
Next procedure is Important
  • After Downloading finished, go to the Downloaded location.
  • You will see a unsupported file there as something like name_jar
  • Press options > Rename and Just change _ to .
  • That means your new name should be name.jar instead of name_jar
Done !!
Now you can Install it on any phone without getting error.


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