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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Get Direct Download Link from Getjar [ Bypassing DRM ]

Trick to Get Direct .jar Download link From Getjar Instead of .jad
[ Download files from getjar through UC browser, Opera mini etc. ]

Yesterday we posted about Bypassing Nokia's DRM . In that post I gave a way to bypass Nokia's DRM by downloading the app. or game in UC Browser which renames the app. or game as ‘name_jar’ rather than ‘name.jar’.
But this trick only works when the site gives us direct .jar file download link. Most of the sites such as and etc.. dont gives us direct jar file download link, Instead they gives us only jad file link. Then What to do ?
Here comes the Trick to Get direct jar file download link from its jad file.

For Nokia S40 and S60 phones :
  • First , you want to install UC Browser to your s40 phone.
  • Go to getjar or any other site from UC browser and Download a file
  • When you click on the download link you will get an option how to Download ( .jad )
  • Select Save from that menu and specify a saving location
  • Then the Download will starts.
  • After finishing download, you have to go to the downloaded folder.
  • There you can see a unsupported file as like 'name_jad' or something else
  • Just rename it as 'name.txt' ( change _jad to .txt ) 
  • After renaming, you will get a text file which supports your phone.
  • .
  • Open it and press Copy to notes ( options > Copy to Notes ) 
  • Then go to Organiser > Notes from your Gallery.
  • There will be the file you saved to notes.
  • Press options > edit . The texts may contains something as like below. (the url may be different )
  • MIDlet-Jar-URL: 
  • This is the URL of the jar file.
  • Just copy this and paste to UC Browser address bar and press go
  • You will get jar file Download option. Press Save and chose download folder
  • After finishing download, go to downloaded folder
  • You can see a unsupported file something as like 'name_jar', Just rename it to 'name.jar'
Done !


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