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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UC Browser Download Trick for Airtel Fixed [ Error Problem solved ]

 ProblemSolved UC Browser Downloading Error problems
UC Handler Downloading error Fixed

I posted many UC Browser mods which are capable of getting free Internet from Airtel. Most of the users commented that uc browser mod gives free browsing only without downloading support. I disagreed with that comments, since I got free Downloading without getting any errors.

On the last day, I was really shocked !
When I downloaded some videos from, it showed error !!!

Now I am apologizing for rejecting your comments. Today I founded a Trick to solve Downloading error Problem ( Fix downloading error ). I got 40 KBPS speed from my airtel 2g sim. According to me, its High Speed !

Error Screen shot
I am going to share the trick to you now . . .

Trick to get Highdspeed Downloading without any error from UC Browser Mod for Airtel

  • First, you have to go to from UC Browser [ You can use any other proxy sites ]
  • Then you will see a box to enter URL. By default, it contain
    Instead of, enter the address that you want to go.
  • Then press Hide My Ass (go) button
  • You will see page starting to load and From that page you can download any content !

HideMyAss From UC

You can use any other proxy site instead of hide my ass. Just google for some proxy sites.
Kindly please check this trick and Leave your comments below.

Download Links : UC Browser Airtel Modded editions [ Free Internet from Airtel ]

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sundar said...

But it dosn't downloadin the file completely, when the file completes 25% it stops downloading it, pl fix the prob..

Aswath k said...

@ sundar
from which site and what content do u downloaded ?
Use any other proxy sites instead of

rajan said...

heyyy how u get 40kbps ???????

Aswath k said...

I always gets 20 to 40 KB/s From my 2G sim

Shubha N said...

Ya bro. Its downloading,but again and again it is restarting after some 25%.but until 25% 'm getting the best of best speed. Plz plz plz do fix this.i ll be very thankful to u.and i tried the above thing. In that if i login also its still asking to login n that page is not submitting only. Just this site with ur above method I tried downloading flv file.

Shubha N said...

Give ur facebook link bro.

Saurav Saha said...

dat guy is correct...downlodng gets failed afterr reachng20% n spped is very poor

Saurav Saha said...

mr.admin do somethng yar...evn the modded browser cant downlod amy othr files excp mp4 ... i need atleast 40+ kBps speed n no breaking in downloding along with tht it must b able to downlod any type of file game..thme songs blah blah...check it out

Aswath k said...

Ok guys
i will try to fix it.
Please wait . . .

Anonymous said...

bro downloading error from site and plzzzzzzz solved ittttttt

praveen reddy said...

brother its nt downloading large files
plss make it fast plss

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