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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Microsoft Announced Windows Phone 8 OS with Upgraded features

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Operating System
Windows phone 8
At windows phone summit held at san francisco, Microsoft announced the important feature of their upcoming Windows 8 Mobile Operating System.
New Windows mobile phone 8 will comes with Improved User Interface and designs. most attracting element of windows world today is their metro UI tile live home screen designs.
Windows phone 8 will come with an improved version of metro UI tile design with extra added features such as colors and resizing feature. We can include necessary data only with the resizing capability.
Upcoming version will support Multi core processors also. Windows phone 7 version was designed for single core processors since it sucks more battery. But after Microsoft's improved technology, they resisted against the problems and provided Multi core processors in Windows phone 8. This version supports multi Screen resolutions. Older version sticks at HVGA and WVGA resolutions only. But now, Windows phone 8 will support more screen resolutions including 480X320, 800X480, 1280X720 and 1280X768. Windows phone 8 will have a shared core which facilitates cross platform application development. It will come with NFC. This version comes with Nokia Map technology, which will facilitates offline maps. All devices will ship with wallet payment functionality. All windows 8 devices will comes with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 as systems default browser which supported HTML 5. More over, it will support Micro SD, Microsoft office apps, Secure boot and on-device encryption.
  • Support multi core processors
  • More screen resolution support
  • Comes with New Live tile Home screen Design
  • Support for Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 as default browser
  • Comes with 'shared core' which supports cross platform application development
  • Supported Micro SD
  • Mobile device management function included
  • Nokia's mapping technology
  • New hardware Updates
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