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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Uc Browser HandlerUI 209 Mod + Airtel Pre-Installed

UC Browser 8.8 for Java has been officially released. This is the second UC Browser with their new logo. Now a days they are introducing many new features to every release with the aim to make UC Browser more powerfull. The new updated version includes several new features and improvements, enhancing your browsing, downloading and sharing experiences.
Sorry for the Delay :(

New Features of UC Browser 8.8 :

  • Increased Downloading Speed
    The downloading speed for large files has been optimized. Now, when you are downloading a large-sized file there will no longer be a big drop in download speed 
  • Customized shortcut keys
    To make accessing your favorite webpages and using common actions more convenient, we’ve added the ability to bind a webpage or action to a shortcut key. So if you want to get to your Download folder fast, you can set it to any number 0-9 or a combination of #+number, and pressing those keys will take you there instantly.
  • Sharing on Twitter added
    You can now quickly share content on Twitter. Long press what you want to share, then select Twitter in the Share menu.
  • Improved File ManagerThe File Manager has been enhanced with new features. You can now preview images and create folders for easier sorting of your files. 

Handler UI 209

Here is the new version of Handler UI created by YK Handler Team. They are introducing more powerful features for using free internet by providing options to tweak the operator network. In olden days, most people enjoyed free internet by changing the application servers. But later, YK, the master make it more easier by attaching a User Interface named HandlerUI. In each updations, they introduced new amazing features.

Main features of HUI209

  • Option for setting Prov ( Handler Prov )
  • Handler Side Menu w/ touch support
  • Revision on the ScreenShot to Lite Version, added BMP for Low Memory Phones
  • Removed unwanted elements

How to use Airtel Free Internet 

Just activate airtel MO settings as default. Then browse and Download contents for free. Only some kind of files are supported for downloading. Remember each trick will have their own limitations. Some more kind of files are supported by using proxy servers. Resume may not be supported in most cases.
Note : Use this trick @ your own risk. 

Download Links :


Naveen Sagar said...

Working super in andhra pradesh.i did'nt check downloading but free browsing is possible. Thanks for the post. Waiting from a long time for this

Tasveer Lakra said...

Dear friend . Its working perfectly in Haryana . Can you make modded opera mini which can give download facility. Please please

Rajdeep Singh said...

Do some thing for opera also as we love it

Rithesh Dsouza said...

How can i download games?

Aswath k said...

You have to select save option while downloading games or apps.
After saving the file, you can see some unsupported file as like fname_jar
Now just rename the file to fname.jar

( instead of _jar you have to give .jar)

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