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Saturday, January 26, 2013

UC Browser 8.9 Handler UI Mod | Airtel Trick Pre Loadded

UC Browser 8.9 handler UI Mod Hack
UC Browser team officially released the new version of UC Browser with some new features and performance improvements. The new version is 8.9. We hope, this will be the last version of 8 series and there comes version 9 with so many upgraded features as like version 8.x series came. Any way, we don't know more about their future plans. Here is the Modded version of UC Browser 8.9 wich supports free Airtel internet browsing and Downloading. If you want to use some other operator tricks here, you can also do it by the Handler Mod version. To edit handler settings, just press call button. If you have any problem comment it below or through our FB page.

 Instructions for using free:

  • USe airtel MO ( ) settings as default for all apps.
  • Open the browser and initialize it
  • Start browsing and Downloading

Special Note :

Many people comments that, Downloading does not works with UC Browser or The Download get currupted after a long time. What we have to say is, Every thing has its own pros and cons. So you may get some file download and some others may not.
Downloading problem solutions :
  • First one is the proxy trick
    You have to goto download link through any proxy site as url encryption switch on. This will change your original download link and some times the file may download.
  • Second one is using UC Cloud
    Here you can download file to your UC browser's cloud storage area (online storage). Later, you can transfer the file to Phone with UC Browser.
  • Third one is using your native browser
    Use some proxies in your native browser and download files using that trick
  • Some files may not download by these methods. So you want to use your paid GPRS :p
No other ways !!!

Download Links : 

New features at a glance : 

  • Incognito Browsing 

  • Improved search Bar 

  • Select and Copy Improve 

  • And many more....   


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