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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Import Contacts from Nokia Backup file to Android Phones

Its the time of Android Smart Phones. Most of the people are switching to Android now a days. NOKIA phones were the top selling brand on those days. After the innovation of Android Smart Phones, NOKIA lost their market. After Samasung introduced Galaxy series device with Android OS, they become the most selling brand. Now many many companies comes with Android Smart Phones with low cost. As to enjoy the look and feel of Android, I also switched from my favorite NOKIA s40 to an Android Smart Phone( Not Galaxy :p ). I am really enjoying the moments with my Android. I also hope many people are switch from some NOKIA device to Android. If you are one of them, then today's Tutorial on Importing Contacts from Nokia Backup File to Android will really help you to import your old contacts to Android.

So let you read the tutorial. I also attached screenshots taken from my karbonn A21

What you Need :

  • Nokia Backup FIle ( .NBF )
  • Android Phone
  • Any File Manager Application which can open .ZIP files ( I am using ES File Explorer here )

  • Step #1

    Copy the Backup file from your Nokia Phone to Android. In my case, the file name is Backup000.NBF
    Copy Contacts from Nokia to Android
  • Step #2

    Using your File Manager, rename the file and change the extension to .ZIP
    Here the name is changed to
    Importing Contact to Android Smart Phone
  • Step #3

    Now open the zip file and extract it somewhere. Open it. You can see predefhiddenfolder. Open it. You can see many folders depending upon the backup files. Open backup from it. The you can see WIP. Open it. Then open 32. You can see a folder named contacts there. Open it and see many files with extension .vcf
    In SHORT : \ predefhiddenfolder \ backup \ WIP \ 32 \ contacts \
  • Step #4

    Contacts in Android Copy
    Each of the .vcf files are associated with each contacts saved. Open the .vcf files with default Contacts application to copy that contact to your Android Phone 
    Android Contacts Copied sucessfully
    Now you can see whether the contacts are copied to device by opening the Notification bar.

What if you want to copy All Contacts from backup :

  •  Rename file to
  • Extract it somewhere
  • Open Contacts Application. 
  • Go to options -> Import/export
  • Select Import from storage
    Now your phone will automatically scans and find .vcf files from the area where you have extraced the
Hope all of you enjoyed this stuff. :)
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