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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Simple Review of Facebook Home

Today I'm giving you a Simple Review of FB Home which was launched on previous Friday. This will going to make all Facebook addict's dream true. Technically, Facebook home is a launcher for Android Smartphones. Facebook says that "Facebook Home is the mobile experience that puts your friends at the heart of your phone.".  Ya that's rally true. When we turn on Facebook home, We can see a sudden stream of Friend's photos and status messages on our Home Screen. That means you will never miss an update from your friend. ;)
Facebook Home is Exclusively an Android Experience which replaces the apps loaded home screen of your Android to engaging, enjoyable, immersible and distraction-free version of Facebook. We can see the face of our friends even before unlocking the screen. This one received mixed reviews from various part of the world. The interface of FB Home is too simple.
Lets look at some of the features of Facebook Home :

Cover Feed :

Cover Feed lets you enjoy the beauty of Facebook Home. This one fills your lock screen with your friends news feed items. If any one post their status without images, then their timeline photos will be filled in your lock screen. The app itself adjusting the photo in a enlarged beautiful manner. The texts of the status also looks awesome. Screen Shot of Facebook Home is given below from my Account. You can also see the notifications popping up when you double tap at the home screen.

The circle seen below is my profile picture ( My FB Account Profile picture. Hope you got the meaning )
It can be dragged side ways and upward.
Dragging your profile picture Left side will give you Facebook Messanger Application. Rightward will give you access to the most recent Application used by you. Here in this screen shot, you can see Bluetooth Share as my recent application. You will now think about other applications. Where is the App Launcher ?? Is it gone ??
No. Its still there behind the scene. You can open your Application Launcher by dragging your profile picture ( The circle ) upwards. Lets talk about the Application Launcher now.

Application Launcher :

Facebook doesn't gives much importance to Android app Launcher. We have to launch app Launcher by dragging the profile circle upwards. From the App Launcher, we can update our status. The screen shots of app launcher are given below :

The main problem you can see is " this one lacks Widgets. "  :(

Chat Heads :

This feature lets your friend to disturb you with Facebook chat even when you are not using it ! That's great. Isn't it ?
When your friend messages you, you will see a circular popup with your friend's head on it. Where ever you go in Android, the circle will catch you. That's it. You can also see the Chat heads screen shots too
You can see a circle popped up at the right side. Thats it! You can also see the number of messages in a small red box. Just tap that circle to see the message.

Now you have read about the new Facebook Home Launcher for Android. Now whats up? Now you should know the fact that This supports only selected phone models only !!!
Supported Devices :
  • HTC One X
  • HTC One X+ 
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
If you uses anyone of the device listed above, then you can download Facebook Home from the link given below:
Really gone Sad ???
Don't worry !
There is a Trick to install Facebook Home on most of the Android Device. Go and read that stuff from here :

The Facebook Home will make you happy If you are addicted to Facebook. But if you are addicted to Android, you will really throw it away ! ( Like me :p )
Any way, its your choice to decide what to do. Share your thoughts with us through the comment box. Let me see what your opinion are

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