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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tutorial to use .PROV file on s40 Phones [ GPRS Settings ]

Tutorial to USE FREE Internet Settings
Here is a Detailed Tutorial on How to use FREE GPRS settings on your s40 Device ( Nokia ). After blocking all older GPRS tricks by the service providers, We are giving you tricks based on GPRS Configuration. All the older tricks were worked by tweaking the Host on the connection between Application and server. But now the Service providers started to monitor the connection. They now blocks the connection which having free server as Host. Now all the tricks based on Host are not working. But the FREE IP is not blocked by the service providers. So you will still get the PROXY Tricks working fine. Now we concentrated on the same proxy tricks to give Working free GPRS trick even with Handler Modded Apps.

Note: If you have any other handset other than NOKIA's s40, then you don't need to read this tutorial.

Why only S40 ?

We already said that new tricks based on Handler mods are working only by using PROXY tricks. Every phones other than nokia's s40 can create Manual Access Point with proxy and port. But s40 phones can't create manual settings with proxy in Access point. It can define only access point name and Packet Data access point. So we have to use a .PROV file in nokia s40.

How to use PROV file in s40 ? 

How you receive settings from your Service Providers ?
When you request for gprs settings to customer care, they send you a prov file ( via air ) which defines all the access points, home page, proxy, port etc..
So when you use PROV file in your phone, you cant just copy paste or download it from the internet. You should transfer it via AIR. You can transfer it either via Bluetooth, Infrared or as MMS.

Step #1 :

Download .PROV file to a phone or your PC.

Step #2 :

Now send that downloaded file to Your Phone via Bluetooth.

Step #3 :

Now you will receive Configuration settings on your Mobile. Just save it and set that as default settings.
You can do it going to Settings » Configuration » Active Default in all Applications.
Done !

Tutorial at a Glance :

PROV File settings send via bluetooth
Prov files can be send from one phone to another via Bluetooth

Sending PROV file through INFRAREED
Prov files can be send from one phone to another via INFRARED

Send from PC to mobile PROV file
Prov files can be send from PC to your phone via Bluetooth or INFRARED

Hope you understand something about usage of PROV files.
If you are having problems, feel free to ask it.

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Not Working With my Nokia asha 210 ???

Farhan said...

Bro i have Nokia ASha 206 KInndly guide me how can i use thta net in UAE???
some one told me its work on du sim

kindly check plz

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